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So here’s the thing: I have a member in my discord who has a patron role, but their username is different from any of the of the names in my relationship manager, so I’m not actually sure this person is still a patron of mine (there might have been an issue with the Patreon bot at some point and I had to manually give them the role) or are they a past patron that should no longer have this role and they are getting access to all my exclusive channels by mistake.

It would be really helpful to see what are the discord usernames of my patrons who received Discord benefits (AKA, have joined the discord server) so we could make sure that patrons are getting their reward while non-patrons aren’t getting access to rewards they’re not eligible for.

Edit: I just noticed it does show a patron’s discord username when clicking on the patron for more details. It would be much more efficient if it was included in the CSV though (so there’s no need to check every patron, and a quick search of the CSV would reveal it)



Go to the Patron Manager, enter the Discord name in the search bar, and it will show you the patron. Click on the patron to display the Discord name to verify.


Works! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

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