Discount Reward Tiers

I’d like to be able to have discounted reward tiers that are open for a short time (either calendar time or until capacity is reached). Then I don’t especially want them showing up in the available reward list any more (because they just clutter it up with stuff that’s no longer available). But I don’t want to delete them such that the patrons in them get kicked back to being generic $1 patrons or whatever. I think I what them to be “existing but hidden.” Is there anything to be done?

All I’ve come up with so far is when the availability window should close, to set the max patron limit to the current patron count and change the text to be “this reward is no longer available” or something. But that still clutters up the reward list.

So far I’ve done this kind of thing twice – for the first few patrons as an “earlybird discount”, and during a related kickstarter as a cross-publicity kind of discount.

But I have more cases coming up – I will be bringing new vendors’ stuff into my app periodically, and I’d like to offer a discounted reward tier in conjunction with the publicity that goes out for each one.

It doesn’t take much foresight to see that my reward list is going to be an unholy mess after 4 or 5 of these.

In the absence of any other solution, I think I’ll have to rename and reuse the same reward tier each time, and bump up the patron limit. Maybe I’ll have to actually name it “Special Discount Tier” or something equally generic so existing patrons in that tier won’t be confused yet new patrons will still find it – and then make the description specific to what’s going on at the moment. Then when it’s not supposed to be available I’d set the patron limit and set this text to “this reward is no longer available” or whatever.

Feels clunky, though.


I definitely agree that having some special tiers and the option to chose what shows up on our project page would be super nice. Kinda ties in with How do I give away free memberships as a giveaway, or just to friends? - Some customization options would be amazing :slight_smile: