Display Earnings Not Pledges (Or Both)

It would be a great deal more honest if us Pay Up Front style creators could have the option to enable current earnings, given how much of our traffic is based not around month to month pledges, but folks jumping in and out, contributing when they can, then leaving before the month is out. It leads to eroneous data to present to our patrons as to just how well we are actually doing.


@mindy This is a huge issue that I believe needs to be looked at.
Pledges do not reflect earnings at all and this is very detrimental to creators like us that do not provide a monthly pledge but rather per creation.
We produce weekly videos on Youtube and our patrons support per video. This is the same for many creators. When we are supported per creation though, our pledges are not a good way to estimate earnings, which is unfortunately exactly what many potential patrons do before deciding to pledge. For instance, our pledges would lead people to believe that we are making twice as much as we really are monthly because of caps coming into play. We continually get comments on Youtube claiming that we make much more than we really do.
So, again, this is a HUGE issue for many creators. Can this please be discussed so we can try to find a good solution that suits everyone? Thank you


Hi @TeamNimbus and @acorntoarabella, thank you for raising this to me. I can understand why this would be frustrating and potentially misleading for your patrons. A solution would be to hide the dollar amount and just show how many patrons you have, or hide both for a cleaner look.

I will report this request to the product team in the mean time :slight_smile: