Display Tiers in Website (Python/Django)

Hi Folks …

New to patreon, after many months of procrastinating about setting up a patron page of my own (partially due to the pandemic and not wanting to feel like I’m adding a financial burden to anyone during these very difficult time, well its done now)

I’d like to add my tiers to my website, with a link to Patreon to deal with the membership etc.

From what I’m reading, I have to use the API to do it, which seems like a massive PITA just for that, as there will be (at the moment) no login functinality for anyone but myself.

So the question is, rather than just screengrabbing each tier, is there an easy way to do it?

Thanks in advance

To display your info or your patrons’ info, login by patrons are not necessary. You can do it by using a creator access token which you can create in apps page. With that you can pull your campaign info and members.

Check out the simple code and examples in PHP lib. Its up to date and it can be easily translated into python:

Thanks @CodeBard, however I think you missed part of the question :frowning:

I dont want to use the API at all to get the information, I can add the API in Python, and access that way, it looks logical enough, but to do that, I’ve got to set up oauth, something that I would only use for this, and all the extra modules around it. If only there was a way to curl the API by passing a single token, for a limited dataset - the public information.

You can just create an app at the below page, and use its creator access token via curl.


Then you can access all your campaign and subscriber info using just that token.