Displaying Total Monthly Income?

While we’re now nine months into our Patreon journey, I’m new to this forum. Over those nine months, we’ve received more support from new patrons than we could have imagined. That tremendous success has led me to wonder if we should remove the total pledge income per month figure (now at $5K+/month) displayed below our patron count on our Patreon homepage (if this is even possible).

So, has anyone removed the monthly total from their page? If so, what was the thinking behind it, and would you consider the move a success? Has anyone made such a change and, then, reversed course?

Here are some thoughts from my end:
Pros to Displaying Monthly Total

  • Positive social proof, especially for a new or smaller creator
  • Positive social proof for creators with exceptionally high per pledge average
  • Social cue for creators who want lots of really small patrons

Cons to Displaying Monthly Total

  • Possibly awkward in general as total pledge amount gets large
  • A bit more awkward as that total pledge amount climbs and you can’t or don’t expand in step with growing pledges (We’re a long established, niche online media site with two employees. Patreon income helps us do what we do better and creates a more stabile, sustainable environment. However, it’d be another year or two of similar patron growth before we could consider adding another staffer that would allow for a significant growth in the amount of content.)

Thanks for anything thoughts!

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