Do new declined patrons still have access to my content?

Hey folks, first time posting here. I was thrilled to get my first $100 level patron yesterday (a brand new patron) until I noticed today her payment had been declined. (I have my Patreon set up to charge people for the current month the day they join.) I’ve already emailed her to thank her and let her know, and encourage her to fix it.

But my question is: Does she now have access to all of my posts? My Patreon is made up of dozens of password protected Vimeo videos which could all be downloaded and saved, so I’d like to know if she is capable of doing this before Patreon successfully processes her payment or not.

Also, if she doesn’t fix her payment this week, how can I delete her as a patron without banning her?

Greg (MediocreFilms)


Hi @MediocreFilms! Welcome to the forum, thanks for joining :slight_smile: We recommend that you don’t remove the patron as they aren’t getting free content. Patrons whose card has been declined are unable to view any patron-only content. When they visit your page, they see a banner saying “your payment has failed”, and every patron-only post shows the “unlock this post by becoming a patron” message

They are likely to update it later this month and then they will be back to see your stuffs! Hope that helps explain.