✏️Do you create illustrations or animations? 🎨 You are invited to give us feedback!

Hi Creators! I’m Annie from the Research Team. We are conducting a study to learn more about how creators (particularly of illustration or animations) use app integrations and we’d love to talk to you to get some feedback. These learnings will be used to help Patreon make better product decisions.

If you are an illustrator or animator that is interested in helping out, thread up a comment and I’ll send you a private message to set it up.

Thank you!


Hi Annie, I exclusively use my campaign for illustrations and would be willing to give feedback to the team.

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Same with myself. Being able to give feedback would be great. :slight_smile:

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I’ve done both though i’m primarily an illustrator. I’m happy to help.

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Hi Annie,

My Patreon campaign is focused around a game I am developing, and a large component of my work is illustration-based. High resolution art is one of the more popular tier rewards, and a majority of patrons find me through the art-based media sites I post to/stream through. I’m happy to offer my feedback if it would help!

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Hello, annieB!
If you are also interested in a comics artist, here I am!

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If you’re interested in comics, I’m down for feedback too!

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Thanks everyone - we really appreciate your help! At this point, I have enough participation, but I will reopen this thread if that changes.

(If you responded to this thread, check your direct messages for next steps!)