Do you have special offers?

I started to think about creating some special offers to encourage more of my followers outside of Patreon to start supporting me here, but so far nothing came to my mind. Nothing that I can think might be valuable to my potential subscribers.

So I went out to hunt for inspiration.

I saw a few people with special offers but that was totally by accident.

I would love to see your offers, so please share them in the comments.

BTW Is there a place to see all the special offers so we can learn from them? If we can’t do that, maybe this could be a nice feature for Patreon.


The special offer feature inspired me to create a semi-regular zine with an original story and download of an original track. I make a special hand-bound and signed version of it for $10+ and a regular stapled version for $5+. It’s one of those ways that Patreon has affected the way I make art. I’m really happy to have a new thing I do, and making it a repeated release keeps me writing words and music.

I did a special offer a few years ago where I listed all patrons in my new book. It was before the feature existed on patreon, but I just set a deadline and really pushed it every day. I got a bunch of new patrons then too.

I think this is a super powerful tool to use to build patronage.

Do you have some ideas you are hashing out? I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about!


My most recent special offer was a free ebook version of my new book that came out last month.


Hey I just want to say I’m a big fan of your work, I have a test pressing of ‘Magical Connection’.

Hey @szabgab, hope you don’t mind, I extended your ask over to our Discord and asked the server to chime in with their feedback! :slight_smile:

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@reyna That’s great, but how can I find your posting and the answers?

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Click here to join our Discord server! I don’t think I got many responses when I shared, but I did ask late in the day. Feel free to join the server and ask again in the #general channel! The Discord is a great place to connect with other creators.

I already joined it I just don’t know how to find that post of your. (or anything else for that matter). I might need to follow some of the tutorials on how to use Discord :slight_smile:

i just finished a special offer and it went really well! although, it’s probably due to a recent cosplay post going a little viral vs my actual offer.

the offer was really simple, i’m sending out physical goodies to the top four tiers instead of just the top one tier. it’s small stuff like postcards and stickers. it’ll help me clear out all the leftover stock from previous months’ goodies too!

i’m expecting fulfillment to take a LOT of time, but at least it’s small envelopes and stamps so it’ll be not too expensive.


@simrell Really nice.
I don’t have any physical goodies, but I just remembered I have a lot of “action cards” left from a conference we had long time ago. I could send those. Hmm.

Wow this is amazing!! I’m sure it was a combination of a viral post + a special offer. Great job! Was this your first special offer?

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In this case, do you edit those tiers info to add the merch as reward while the offer is up, and when it’s over you edit it back to normal?

when you have a special offer the tier boxes look the same, i didn’t edit them. but there’s a little add-on applied to your landing page that says “special offer!” and then lists the extra rewards. you set a time frame for your special offer so it starts and stops automatically without me having to go in and edit them.