Do you think we need to solve the "What is it" question for an application?

We just finished a video for our Patreon campaign –

We’ve gotten some early feedback that the video doesn’t really explain exactly what Horizon’s product is (couchsurfing/airbnb with friends, friends of friends, and communities). Do you think we need to really explain “what is it” in the video? I was thinking that if someone finds this Patreon campaign, they likely will have already found Horizon and know what it does (and have an idea of what it could do the product was made better). Maybe that’s an incorrect assumption?

Any thoughts/feedback/advice would be welcomed.

Our actual campaign is here:

Never make assumptions. Always state critical information. It’s self-defeating not to. Even if just one person finds your patreon page who never heard of you before, both your video and your description should tell that person everythign they need to know (because some people don’t read and some people don’t watch videos).