Does anyone do periodic launches to gain new patrons?

When I started my page over my Patreon page over a year ago, I had no idea how to go about promoting it, but this past January, I implemented a launch strategy, based on the one that creator @natalydawn used to boost her patronage:

I implemented every single step of this strategy to a T, and it worked like a charm! I went from 8 patrons to 35 in two weeks in my first launch, and then when I launched the second time this past April, I jumped up to over 100 patrons! I created a campaign expressing scarcity and driving home the time-sensitivity of the event, and driving it like any product or service offered outside of Patreon,

From this experience, I feel that launching to gain more patrons is a very effective strategy. However, after my last launch in April, I noticed patrons falling off and now I’m down to 75 as of this writing. I see ONE big learning lesson here as to why …

I did not let my patrons know that once they got the “thing” that I was promising, which in this case was a workshop, that they would be part of a community. When the workshop ended on May 1st, over 20 patrons who joined during the pre-launch period deleted their support. They got what they wanted and left.

In hindsight, I realize that I did not create an understanding that once they became a patron that they would continue to get more rewards from me on an on-going basis. I missed the boat because as I was promoting my workshop outside of Patreon, I never really educated people well enough to understand that they would be essentially joining a COMMUNITY, and not just getting a one-off product.

Does anyone use a launch model to build your patronage? If so, how do you cultivate a lasting relationship once the launch is over?


Currently something I like to do for gaining new attention is to release teaser images of what non patron users are missing out on. A little collage of some of the best posts submitted with a reminder that there is more to see.

As far as keeping a relationship it’s important to actually interact with your patrons like through streams or chat. Having plenty of polls and projects that take in their feedback.

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I’ve wrestled back and forth between doing launches like this for the same reason! I’m hyperaware of letting people know that this is a “joining the community” thing, because I don’t want them to get the wrong idea. I’d like to do a launch in the next couple months, but for now, I focus on the slow and steady progress/teasers, like @vrart1suggested.

One thing I did recently that was sort of “launch-y” was having a live streamed patron-only concert. Through the promos for that, I gained quite a few patrons (relative to how many I have, at least, which is still sub-100).

Love this idea about creating a collage of posts showing what non-patrons could be enjoying!

So when you say “through streams and chat” I don’t see that feature here on Patreon. Am I totally missing something? I know I can post and start a convo in the comments, and now we can use Crowdcast directly in Patreon which is super-cool, but I’m not aware of a chat or stream feature.

So how did you broadcast your patron-only concert? Inside Patreon, Facebook Live private Group?

I did an unlisted YouTube event and gave only patrons the link. I can’t WAIT to try out the Crowdcast streaming integration when it rolls out to everyone though! I try to livestream every Wednesday for “Woodshed Wednesday” (AKA my raw violin practicing and composition/songwriting/vocal practice). But since doing YouTube events every week gets unwieldy (and I fear, annoying to post a new link every week), I haven’t been as regular as I’d like. It’ll be nice when I can stream within Patreon and they just get the notification automatically.

Streams and chat through other mediums. I enjoy use for my streaming needs.

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I’ve been invited to use Crowdcast already within Patreon. I wonder, is it only available to a small number of creators? I have to read the user guide because my patrons are struggling with using it. :frowning:

My livestreaming method of choice is Facebook Live, but I can’t do that for only certain membership levels, which is why I’m so excited about Crowdcast. I hope I can figure it out!

I’ve done promotions similar to a new launch each year during my Patreon anniversary and I have followed the majority of Nataly Dawn’s techniques, but I have had very little patron growth as a result. Just did one leading up to this month and got nothing as a result. Only so much an intermediate level artist can do, I suppose. My patrons are seeing how my work is progressing, but it’s been slow due to so much time spent on social media always always always sharing, promoting, and trying to make connections with people. I’ve decided to devote the rest of this year just improving my art and just sharing all over the place before I do anymore big patron drives.

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