Does anyone else create content within an existing IP? Any tips to share?

I create content about an online game in the Star Wars IP. I have full blessings from the development staff and they often comment on what I make, but I’m very limited in what I can do beyond digital content creation due to the copyright obviously not being mine, so I can’t create merchandise to sell or add to my tiers. I know many other creators choose to ignore copyright and hope for the best but I would risk my good relationship when it comes to content creation if I did that.

Currently I offer access to a private discord chat, exclusive audio content, a monthly livestream, credits in my videos, and a special thank you card in the mail for the highest tier, as well as special content creation when goals are met. I’d love to add more but I’m struggling with what I can offer.

Does anyone else on here make content within an existing IP, like Disney, Pokemon, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc?

Some of the best tips I’ve seen so far are And some of the ones I need to get in to more are more behind the scenes, video courses, and fan participation!