Don't Know What to Create? Ask Yourself This Question! :)

You’re getting started on Youtube (or want to release art somewhere else), but you don’t know what kind of content you want to produce? Here’s my tip for you!

Ask yourself this, what would you like to watch yourself? What would you enjoy just watching now? Maybe you would like to hear some comedy, maybe you would like to hear certain kind of music, maybe you want to get some inspiration on building businesses?

Create something like this. Also ask yourself, what value could you get out of a video? Maybe produce daily videos just to get yourself disciplined to produce daily videos? See the value in just creating the video, no matter how it will perform with the audience. See every art/video you do as a lesson through which you can grow several skills (e.g: discipline, creativity, public speaking…)

Mix boths things, what would you enjoy watching and what value you would get for you if you produce them. Then, just go and create!!! Hope you enjoyed reading this - with love, Elias Limitless.