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I love Patreon (and did my #ThankYouPatrons thing, a bit late, but I did it) but there is one thing I have an issue with.

I just spent an hour creating a poll post for later this week, saved it as a draft to be continued later, and the poll list is gone! I’d put a lot of time into it, and it just vanished! There is no warning anywhere to tell me that would happen. Not sure the draft option is useful if it can’t be counted upon. Time is short enough as it is.


Hi @IngridKVHardy, thanks for making this post!

I wanted to double check if you were able to click all the way through the save draft process? I’ve attached a screen recording to show all the steps from start to finish. Did you ever see it in your saved drafts? Or might you have thought selecting “save as draft” would save it without needing the click the orange button? If you were able to save it in drafts and then it disappeared, we will definitely investigate that as a bug report.


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Hi @Mindy, thank you for the reply!

I very definitely clicked “save as draft” and then clicked the orange button. The post itself is saved. but none of the polls. Again, it had taken me a bit of time to do it (and projects are crunching me at the moment) so I was a bit upset. To be sure, I clicked “edit” to open the draft again, tried adding two polls (to see if it was me who had done something wrong), did the same again: “save as draft” and clicked the button, and once again the text was saved but not the polls.

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So I did it again, and now the polls won’t even post. I quadrupal checked this, and looked at one previous poll post I’d done earlier this year, and all is good with that one. This is a major waste of time… If I,m doing something wrong, I honestly don’t know what it is. By the way, in looking for the post I’d done with the other poll, it brought back the point that being able to either “search” through tags, or at least be able to organize them alphabetically would be extremely helpful. As they are now, only the featured tags are worth using. It’s impossible to use two million tags if they can’t be organized somehow. The ability to edit them would be outstanding as well.

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Tried yet again this morning, and this time it seems to have worked. Copy-pasted-saved everything in a word doc this time just in case.

I don’t understand at all what happened the previous times.

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Hi @IngridKVHardy, thanks for the update! so happy to hear it worked for you - these things can be tricky to track or work out what went wrong as it could be so many different things. Don’t hesitate to write into Patreon support if it starts breaking again.

I have had this same problem too, @IngridKVHardy! It happened both times I tried to post a poll in December and January (yesterday). My post published with most of the options missing; both times, it seemed that the poll options were reverting to the first draft (while the rest of the post appeared to be the final draft).

I use polls every month but am nervous about it happening again/doing that awkward “oops! patreon polls are still broken, so ignore that and leave me a comment instead!” post update to my patrons! :sweat_smile:

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