Drip feed content

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some advice.

I set up patreon over a year ago and it has changed my life. It is slowly growing which is great.

I create Role playing gaming books and accessories then I give them away to my members for free.

I use an xp chart which members can access rewards depending on how long they are with me. They earn xp each month depending on tier of support.

Basically it is a drip feed mechanic.

Now, problem is that it is faffy.
Member has to sign in to patreon
Then click on the link to their rewards
Then sign into my website
Then log in with their patreon account
Then receive the reward
To claim it…

Too many confusing process

How do I get round this? Is there not a way on patreon to drip feed content based on overall total supported?

Any help to make this easier for my members would be greatly appreciated as I believe a single sign in process is the way forward. Rather than 2 web platforms being utilised