Early Access Suggestion

So what I think is, the Early Access post mode should have another option where you can set how many hours from your current post’s release date would you like the post to be avaliable for everyone, instead of setting the exact time to do it.

This is a good feature as time differences is not affected by timezones at all,
so people posting things would not be confused by all the time related stuff.


This is a great suggestion! Thank you for making this post @TheDiamondPlayables . Have you had patrons confused by time zone? I’d love to hear more about the impact this is causing for you as that helps the product team understand the full scope of the issue.

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I’m actually the one who is confused, because where I’m from we don’t use your AM/PM system.
(We actually do use a AM/PM thing, but how we do it is different appearantly)
With the additional timezone thing to think about, this makes it hard for me to set an exact distance in time for an early access post.
So, I wanted my releases to be 1 day early, but to do that requires alot of like, calculations.
And I don’t even know myself if the result of said calculation is even what I wanted it to be cause of the confusions this system is causing.

Also, time always moves forward.
All the calculations I made will be off by the amount of time I spend making said calculations.

If people can set a precise distance in time from the early access to the public release, this would remove all of the confusions and calculations that we have to do.
And this works in all timezones as that does not affect the distance in time. At all.


Thank you! That additional context is really helpful.

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