Earnings fluctuating?

So my pledges have been the same for the past 3 months, but my earnings have been different amounts. I checked and no one has had their payment refused.

Why do my earnings go up and down when my pledges remain constant?

Declined credit cards.

Around the time when your patrons get charged, some of them will have maxed out limits, so the charge gets delayed and that patron is internally labeled as “Declined”.

“Declined” patrons, although they ARE still your patrons and will relinquish access once Patreon is able to charge their credit cards successfully, do NOT count towards your Patron and Revenue counts on your main page. Your numbers immediately bump up once declined patrons fix up their credit card debts.

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Hey @amuletts, so glad you reached out to ask! @cuisine is correct - when we go to charge your patrons, declined credit cards affect your earnings and income numbers. You can read more about this in these articles below:

Hope this helps!

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