Easier Address Export?

So I’m trying to get all the addresses for a specific tier of my patrons exported gracefully so I can make labels, and every way I’ve tried has gotten me this giant spreadsheet of every tier, and all the addresses are all over separate fields and it’s just a mess. (Okay, or I can ‘show address’ on the Patron Manager page, one… by one…)

Someone please tell me there’s a button I’m missing that will just export the names and addresses of people in a specific tier so I don’t have to separately cut and paste each line into a word doc to print labels. :roll_eyes:


I’m also waiting for a solution to how addresses are managed. It would be great to be able to download addresses in a readable/usable format.

You can copy the address with one click on the Relationship Manager page but even that doesn’t really work the way it’s supposed to… :frowning:


When you download the CSV file, import it into google docs. Then open it there where you can delete columns or rows you don’t need. I then import the edited file after I remove the tiers I don’t need printed or declined pledges into avery where I upload my new CSV file for printing labels. Hope that helps. <3

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Use a mail merge for google docs! There are lots of free programs that allow this and it’s SO worth the time saver

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It would be great if Patreon would do that for us.


I am aware that there are external tools to make the output useful, but it would be even better if the output didn’t need massaging. :disappointed:

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I think it’s absolutely worth learning to work with CSV documents. It’s a benefit, not a problem, that it is machine readable.
In your app that prints the labels, set up the CSV import once and from that point on you can create your labels at any time with a single click!

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