Easier to email patrons, pls!

Hi Patreon team!
Perhaps it is nonsense, or something that I´ve missed … but it would be very practical that on the User page (page accessed by clicking the icon of each patron), in addition to the option to send a message (via patreon) it appears the option of copy patron´s email, as in the relationship manager, to ease send an email.
I only see the option of internal message of patreon and, in another button, the block option…but not to send an email, and for me, it is absurd the step of open the relationship manager, search for the user and then copy the email from, when it could be much more practical and immediate …
Is it already and I haven’t seen it?
Thank you


Hey @patdelavega, thanks so much for making this post! I’d love to understand more about this and when you want to do this. Why is emailing a patron preferable to messaging on Patreon? I would have thought that would require more steps (copy the email, open a new tab, go to your inbox, compose an email) rather than messaging them right there. Would love to hear more about how you would like this to work :slight_smile:

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Mindy, normally I send just a patreon message if it´s just some reply, but sometimes my reply requires an attachment as for example, send a pdf , and this is not posible through Patreon messages or it is?..
this would be another lovely option: if I can send directly a pdf to a concrete person trough patreon messaging I will not need mailing…
many thanks for your reply! :-*


Ah, thank you so much for the extra context. It sounds like what you are really after is being able to send attachments in Patreon messaging, which is absolutely something we really want to provide and you should be able to do. Thanks for taking the time to explain! I will pass on this additional detail to our product team for their consideration.

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I’d like to add to this that emailing patrons sometimes makes more sense because email is searchable and messaging through Patreon is not. If I want to be able to easily check when did I last write to a patron about something, or what was their reply, etc., then email is definitely preferable.


HI mindy , sorry for the late reply, I was completely offline a couple of days

I think is really easier just put an adress- mail_to on profile, than manage, host and make posible the attachment inside Patreon
I mean…if I send a video from my email, it´s heavy. If we are thousands of creators sending our things (heavy or not) maybe is too much for the platform? This will need for sure programming and support!!!

Sometimes, delegating properly is the best way for being effective. And I think we ask the product team many things … and this is easily solved without too many laps: link to the mail, which is already there, but more uncomfortable.

It is mere practicality.
I do not think it is necessary to put the mess of programming and create this, that our mail servers already do, and that the creators already do … but going around

Also, if the option of make this is not searchable, as post aren´t and we have many times already asked to Patreon team,is not worthing any effort,as it´s more complicated than mail.
And eveyone of us have an email already. Just ask for simplification :wink:


Isn’t it sad how this is the case on Patreon but not on any other social media platform that features a messaging system? Why would it be so hard to jump to a patron’s messaging history? We’ve been asking for this basic feature time and time again, but no improvements have been made.

And I fully agree with @patdelavega that it’s fine to rely on email for more advanced features rather than trying to copy the full functionality. A simple messaging system would suffice, but that should include the ability to see previous messages between you and a patron.


Also, I think the email notification sent to my email inbox when a patron messages me should also contain the patron’s email address to make it easier for me to switch to email communications.
Why? Because Patreon’s messaging system is just not up to the task when you have to follow multiple threads of conversations.