Editing old posts to delete content

Hi, I am after some feedback please. I am currently distributing cross stitch patterns as rewards by attaching a pdf pattern file to a post for each tier.
I am now considering editing posts over a certain age by deleting the pdfs and then adding them to my facebook store.
Obviously for the price of a single months subscription, a person can download all my back catalogue of patterns and leave, so there is no incentive to purchase separately. Is this fair to my long term patrons?

Seems to depend on the value of “certain age”. Deleting last month’s would be pretty aggressive. Does anyone realistically go back more than a year to fetch the content from old posts? (It’s not like they’re landing there from Google or something, they have to manually navigate all of them.) Where would you draw the line?

I’m actually on the exact opposite side of this issue. I encourage people to sign up, download almost three year’s worth of monthly image sheet rewards, and leave—or stay, if they like all the other content they see.

In fact, I tag my monthly image sheets, so I can use the tag link in posts, telling people the can access those sheets for a $3 pledge (or a $25 pledge, if they also want three years of linework sheets).

I make these sheets specifically for Patreon patrons. I also sell about 1,500 sheets and kits on my web site. One has nothing to do with the other. They’re different designs.

There will always be people who want to spend as little as possible, and get the most they can. And there will be people who think “hey, that’s a nice thing to do, so I’m gonna support that artist”. Those are the people I want as my patrons, and I’m happy to bribe them to come to the realization that I’m somebody they want to support.

We’re asking people to change their mindsets. This isn’t a transaction: you give me $3, and I give you one, and only one, digital download. This is support: you pledge your dollars, and I’ll make all the things, and we’ll all be happy.


it seems like this would be really easy to make optional from within patreon, if they’d code it up. for example, on the creator/page settings side:

Make patron-only posts available to:
( ) all patrons
( ) people who were patrons when the post was made
[ ] include attachments

Then it’s up to the creator what they want to offer or not offer.