Email Notifications Not Working

I stopped getting email notifications for new patrons or when one makes a change to their pledge. This stopped within the past week. I confirmed that I still have the box checked in notifications. I’ve also checked my spam and have confirmed that I am still able to send and receive email.


Me too. Not getting notifications for new or changed patrons…

@Scarlett @BethBrownReinsel I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your notifications!

My first suggestions is to double check that the settings on these pages are up to date for you:

Please feel free to reply here if you’re still having issues after that!

Everything was perfectly correct in my settings, and I hadn’t changed anything. But they just randomly started working again. Of course, now the API stopped working so I haven’t been getting any of my new supporter’s data today. So frustrating that these things happen all the time.

Hi @Scarlett and @BethBrownReinsel - thanks for reaching out! Apologies for my delay, I’m catching up on messages from the holidays.

I chat with the team about this and they suggested you start a ticket if you are still experiencing this problem so they can dig into your account and try to find the disconnect with your email notifications.

As for the API, @Scarlett I will hand it over to @CodeBard to assist.

My Patreon members have been messaging me and i’m not getting the notification to e-mail. I checked my settings and it’s all set correctly. Anybody else having this issue?

Hi @Here_Be_Barr,

I merged your message into this thread to keep these messages together. If you haven’t already, please start a support ticket so the team can dig into your account!

Though I’m making note of this as it seems like a new bug.

This may be related to 1st of month payment processing. Does the situation still continue or did api start working for you normally again?

I started getting emails again for no apparent reason. I am currently getting emails when a new supporter makes a pledge, although this wasn’t related to the first of the month so I’m not sure what triggered it.

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Hi there.
I recently started having the same issue with new members messages only ( I get mail notifications from the rest of my patreons ). I started a ticket regarding this, but it wasn’t much help, since they just mentioned:
I looked into our email send logs for you, and see that the notification emails are successfully being sent from our end point.
How can I proof this is happening?

After receiving email, notification for over one year they have suddenly stopped a week ago. I now no longer receive notifications for messages or comments on my posts. Notifications are set to On in my Preferences. Is there any way of resolving this issue?