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Hello! I’ve already sent this for the staff once and even during the CEO monthly stream and he said that was an product feedback, so here I am, once again requesting it! haha

Right now, when an creator publishes a post, this same post is fully sent to the followers/patrons email. okay!

The biggest issue about it, is that by having the entire post right in their email, there’s no point for the patron to go to the post and interact with the creator nor the other patrons. That’s pretty much kills the community around the creator.
Some creators complain that they might lose valuable new patrons as current patrons may simply forward the email to others, making easy to share the creator material around.

My suggestion is to apply the same “Teaser text” that’s already implement when you’re writing the post or keep only about the few words before the text get cropped, in this way the user will be triggered to open the post and read it.

thank you for this this awesome platform!
much love, washa


Hey @washa, welcome to the forum! Thank you for making this post AND being a Hang Time attendee :slight_smile:

Your request seems entirely reasonable and something I’ve experienced myself as a patron. I have made a record of your request and will bring up with the product team.

Is building your patron community on Patreon important to you? We’ve heard from a lot of creators who have tried Discord instead and love how their community can interact with each other there about your work.

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well, we create things to please others, so yeah, any community around the creator is important, no matter in what medium is :slight_smile:

is hard to know if things are going well or bad when like, less than 1% of your patrons give you any feedback, been an simply like or an comment


A really terrific idea and something I would also find to be very helpful!

When I’m updating my WordPress site, there’s an invisible tag I can drop into the text that tells the automated email where to stop the text and then add the link to read the rest!

Super easy to use and very helpful!