Embedding Widgets to Creator Page

Has anyone managed to embed some widgets from other sites to their creator page?

I had the trouble where I wanted to embed a countdown timer to the next release of my game to my creator page.
It shows up in edit mode just fine, but when I save changes, only a white space appears.

I wonder if there’s a way to do this?


Hi there!

It is currently not possible for security reasons, but we’re interested in making it possible one day, especially if there is a particular widget that a good number of creators specifically want to use. That way we can whitelist it.

A countdown timer sounds super logical. No promises, but can you tell me more about what you’d like to try?

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Love the idea of a countdown timer. This would be really great if you have a big release scheduled, a meet-up, or were going to offer a limited time, limited number of patrons reward tier. Anything that gets people engaged and coming back would be great. :smiley:


I second the countdown timer - that would be really helpful. I’ve used the ones from timeanddate.com with good results on my website.


Hey there everyone!

I wanted to use this website, I found it easy and nicely customizable.
(Glad I didn’t pay for the premium version before testing it)

I wanted to embed it to my creator page, so Patrons wouldn’t have to check in my posts or ask me about the next release date, tehy could just look at the countdown. It also in my opinion creates more hype than a simple sentence as people can see it ticking away. Also, some people would like to know the exact time of release, so they can be among the firsts to play the game.

When I pasted the generated HTML link, while I was editing the page it was working just as I wanted it to, but when I saved changes, there was only a white space in its place.

EDIT: Some people get confused about the time zones as well, this eliminates that issue as far as I know.


I would also love a countdown timer, pretty please and thank you!

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I agree that it is a good way to create hype and not just for patrons, but for any checking out your Patreon for the first time. It creates an immediate interest and engagement. It would be great for timed polls as well. A countdown creates a sense of urgency to participate if there is a limited time to do so.

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