Enable special characters in CSV downloads

Hi, so we just downloaded a bunch of CSV files of patrons’ details so that we can fulfil physical rewards, and names and addresses including accents and special characters (like ä, é etc) came out garbled. It would be great if this didn’t happen (or if this is unavoidable with CSV files, if other export options were available like to XLS). Especially for people with lots of patrons in countries other than the US/UK where accents are much more common.

The special characters are in the CSV file, it is working for me without issue. Just make sure to import them using the encoding “65001: Unicode (UTF-8)” in Excel. When you import a CSV from DATA > From Text/CSV, you should see a dialog with the option in the top left to change the file encoding, named “File Origin”.

The problem is that Excel (and all other Office programs) assume that everything will be encoded using the (outdated) Windows standards.

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This is great, thanks. In that case feel free to ignore this request!