Encourage cross-creator collaborations

Hi Patreon

On several occasions me and fellow creators have collaborated on various projects. One of the difficulties faced is the payment on these collaborations, as multiple patrons in the community we are in, pledge towards two or more of the creators in the group. For now this has been solved by releasing it for free, so patrons won’t feel over-charged by suddenly paying double or more for a release.

That’s all nice and well for patrons, but not all creators have time to release content for free, especially since working with a collaboration tends to take more time than anticipated.

To make Patreon encourage collaborations like this, it would be awesome if some sort of collaboration-features could be added.

A few thoughts on the subject:

A simple approach would be to link posts together as a collaboration, and only charge the patrons pledging towards multiple of the creators once. Then splitting this between the creators. Keeping everything else as simple as possible somehow.

A more complete approach would be to be able to create a collaboration with two or more, where description, files and settings could be set by the group. With various payment models available:

  • Based on number of followers
  • Split by percentages set by the group
  • As is, but split payment for patrons who pledge for multiple creators
  • Other ?

Adding a “x percent to charity” option would also enable creators to create collaborations where some (if not all) of the income goes to charity, as is very relevant (and popular) these days!

The description could include one shared part (written by the collaboration admin), and custom descriptions for each creator taking part in the collaboration, which will only be visible to that creator’s patrons(?)

A release date will be set, and when all the files and descriptions are in order, the post will be marked for approval by the collaborator admin.

If all collaborators accept, the post will go out to all feeds at the same time, each with that optional description for each creator.
In all this it should still be clearly visible which creators have joined in on creating this collaboration, and it must be very easy to follow the ones you’d like.

I think it would be awesome if Patreon would encourage collaborations, not discourage like it indirectly does now.

I can see a few issues with this, as “pay per creation” creators won’t necessary mix that well with “pay per month” creators. Also how will various tiers be handled? Should you just have to pay the amount you are usually pledging to, or should the group be able to set a “minimum pledge amount to unlock”, making the collaboration optional for patrons with a lower limit?

To add even further to this list, one could also think about adding an optional “pay x more to receive THESE bonus goodies”, but now I’m thinking a bit like how Humble Bundle solves this.

I have more ideas / thoughts on this, and a lot of people of which I have been collaborating with which probably also have opinions on the matter, so please reach out to me if this seems like a good idea to implement into Patreon! :slight_smile:


I love this idea. There’s actually a lot of 501c3 charities that use Patreon for donor support too (such as A Stage Reborn, a 501c3 arts charity that works to make arts opportunities more accessible) so being able to collaborate and support other creators and maybe even feature charities on the platform would be great.


Hey @TheCraftyDice, thanks for writing in!

First, absolutely LOVE that you are working with other Patreon creators on various projects! Could you link me to one? I’d love to check it out. Second, I totally hear your point. And I agree, finding a way to pay multiple creators for a project would open a lot of fun doors. I’m not sure how implementing this would look but I will most definitely share your thoughts with the team. :slight_smile:


How great that you both find this interesting @Lawyerd and @reyna!

Here’s a link to one of the collaborations: https://www.patreon.com/posts/32638249
With two others in the making right now. (one with few people, one with just about as many as this one)

I work with website development myself and truly get that implementations need both time and thorough planning! So I fully understandable that you don’t know how that will be done yet, or if at all :slight_smile:

Good luck sharing it with the team! Tell me if you need more examples of collaborations, there’s many examples of them in my closest Patreon circle.

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