Enhanced attachment link

I attach a downloadable file for so much of my rewards-tier content and several public-tier posts also have downloadable content attachments.

I would like to see a change in the design making that attached file link more prominent on the post. I do not have feedback that content cannot be found or a patron was unaware, but I’d like to have that more prominently displayed as it is the primary means of sharing my rewards content with patrons.

I would also like to know how many downloads were registered for an item of downloadable content. It could be included under post engagement as another stat, or perhaps included in some other indicator. It can be very helpful to see that patrons have visited the post and downloaded the reward content. For public-tier content, it would be helpful to assess the number of visitors who downloaded the available content.

That’s my request.


Oh yes, this would help -so- much! I’ve had to switch to offering some of my monthly stuff as attached downloads, and having more people see the attachments would be amazing! I also do have a couple of public downloads, and I’d love to see more data, if possible!

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us @Prevail! I’ll make sure the team see’s this. :slight_smile: