Episode not playing in Patreon feed

Hey there,

we’re just starting our podcast and released our first episode. Eagerly I created a Patreon post, where I added the private Soundcloud link.

It looks like the episode is being pulled through (the title image is being shown), however when you click on the play button, the title image turns white and you can see the URL of the title image, but nothing plays:


Right now I just added the direct Soundcloud link and said that we’re working on the issue.

What gives?

Hi there @aesirsports, thanks for making the post and welcome back to the forum :slight_smile: As this appears to be a technical question or even a bug, please would you be able to contact the support team? That way they can collect all the info needed to help you with this matter. You can reach them here or by visiting www.patreon.com/faq and clicking on ‘send us a note’. Thank you so much!