Error in Patron Charge & Visible Patron Totals

I had a patron who quit and rejoined this month (on the 5th). I think he said it was an accident. I use charge-up-front. Because my tiers have changed since he first pledged, his old tier ($5) is no longer available and he signed up for a new tier ($5.99).

Notifications shows “$5->$5.99 edited by Richard Fortuna” on 12/5/2018

Patron Relationship Manager shows his status as “paid”. However, it shows his last payment as $5 on 12/1/2018. In other words, the last charge is when he was charged for his OLD pledge.

So here are the three important parts:

  1. It appears he was NOT CHARGED the additional $0.99 when he re-pledged to a new higher tier, even though I’m set to Charge-Up-Front. At least, Patron Relationship Manager shows no charge after 12/1
  2. Downloading a CSV of current Patrons from Patron Manager lists his charge status as blank (not “Ok”), the SAME AS FOR A DECLINED PATRON. However, he does NOT appear in a query for declined patrons from Patron Relationship Manager. His status for his individual record in Patron Relationship Manager shows as “Paid” though at this point according to the visible charge records, he is NOT fully paid.
  3. He is NOT included in the public patron count or pledge total on my main Patreon page

Obviously this is not a huge amount of money, but to say the least it’s pretty concerning when things involving charges go wrong!

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Hi @ammulder, thanks for reporting this bug and detailing the important parts. I’ve made a bug report for the payments team to investigate further.

News flash: the payments team has not fixed the problem. The patron wasn’t charged at all in January. He shows as a current patron, with status Paid, and last payment date 12/1/2018.

So @mindy , now I have a patron not getting charged at all, and this problem is definitely worse!

I have also filed a bug report via the Web form, for what little that’s worth.

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve sent you a DM as we need some patron info to investigate this further.

Sent. I hope you have better luck than me. I got a reply to my ticket confirming that the patron was not charged, and it noted that while there’s no fix or workaround or even time frame for a fix, I should “rest assured” that someone is aware there’s a problem. I mean, I’m glad I’m not crazy, but it wasn’t the answer I hoped for. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth it appears the patron pledges to multiple campaigns, and I wasn’t told whether the charges for the other ones were processed in January.

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Thanks! The payments team were able to confirm there is a bug - thank you for finding it :bug: The bug is not to do with payments or transactions, it is with Relationship Manager displaying the correct data - it’s showing the patron as paid and active when they are actually not as their card was declined. The team is investigating this further and hoping to fix soon.