Error when I try to link to WP sites - Patreon support won't help

I’m trying to link our organization’s new Patreon page to our three WordPress websites. I linked the first one successfully by installing the plugin and running the setup wizard. But when I tried to link the second and third ones, when I ran the setup wizard I got the error message (pasted below).

I reached out to Patreon user support and they said they no longer provide support for WP integration. They sent me here and told me to ask y’all for help.

Linking to WP is essential to my organization getting any value out of being on Patreon. If we can’t link our sites, we have no reason to stay on Patreon.

Can anyone help me figure out how to get my WP sites linked to Patreon? Thanks for any help you can provide!

{“errors”:[{“code”:3,“code_name”:“ParameterInvalid”,“detail”:“Invalid parameter for ‘oauth_client_id’: 7800.”,“id”:“60f8adde-f020-4cca-badf-d52eabe344f7”,“source”:{“parameter”:“oauth_client_id”},“status”:“400”,“title”:“Invalid value for parameter ‘oauth_client_id’.”}]}

Yes, this situation occurs because connecting more than one WP site using the setup wizard is not supported at the api yet. For now you will have to use the following workaround for additional sites:

Visit above page and create an app for your specific site. Then c/p those details to connection details in Patreon Settings menu at your site. Redirect uri should be shown at your site in those details, you can c/p it from your site to the app details at the above page.

That should link your other sites with Patreon.

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Thank you so much for your help! Unfortunately I have now run into an additional problem. Of course! : )

I created the app and copy/pasted the information in my WP site, and now the WP site considers itself connected to Patreon. However, it will not let me lock posts. I get the message “Post locking won’t work without Creator ID. Please confirm you have it here.” The word “here” links to the settings page for the Patreon plugin on my WP page. But I can’t find any place to enter my creator ID - and I also don’t know what my creator ID is!

I hate to ask for more help immediately after getting such a quick and helpful response, but you know what they say - the reward for a job well done is more work!

Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it!

Ah. It still wasnt able to connect then. You can try following the below guide to force refresh your connection:

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Thanks again for your help. Okay, so, instead of force-refreshing this site, I went and disconnected my other WP site from Patreon and then deleted all my apps, and then used setup wizard to connect this site. I decided to try that because having this site connected is much more time-sensitive and important than having the other site connected. (I connected the other site first precisely because it was less important and I didn’t want to screw up the important one by doing it first - classic self-sabotage!)

When I did that, the site connected to Patreon right away, no problems, then I went back to the other site and used the workaround (create the app and copy/paste the info) and that one also connected.

When I tried to connect a WP third site, however, it failed! No worries, that one is much lower priority, and I figure I probably just need to wait a bit and then delete and reconnect. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway. Anyway, I’ve got everything I need up and running now.

Thanks again for your help - really appreciate it!

You just need to repeat what you did for your 2nd site.

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That’s exactly what I did, but it didn’t work that time for some reason! I’ll try again soon when I have a chance. Appreciate all your help!

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Okay, I tried this again with my third WP site and it didn’t work. I deleted all the connection information in the WP plugin, then deleted the app from Patreon, created a new app in Patreon, and plugged in the new connection information in the WP plugin. Although this process worked perfectly with my second WP site, it’s not working with my third. I’m still getting “Post locking won’t work without Creator ID."

Any other possible options to try?

Thanks so much for your help!

It doesnt seem like that site was successfully connected to the api. You can try applying the ‘force upgrade to v2’ guide for that particular site:

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Yes, this is exactly what I just did, and it didn’t work - this link is the same page you sent me to before (scroll up), and these were the directions I was following.

Thanks for all your help!

Pretty odd. Are you getting any error message?

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Not as part of that process, no. But when I compose or edit a post, it says "Post locking won’t work without Creator ID. Please confirm you have it here.” The word “here” links to the settings page for the Patreon plugin on my WP page. That’s how I know it’s not working.

And if I hit “reconnect” after entering the connection information on the plugin settings page, it says “sorry, we couldn’t disconnect before trying to reconnect.”

This site is a much lower priority than the other two so if there ends up being no way around the problem, it won’t be a big deal. We can work around it on our end by not posting any of our paywall material on this third site. At some point, that becomes much easier than trying to wrestle with this problem on the Patreon side!

Thanks as always for your help!

It wouldnt be able to disconnect sites which were not connected by setup wizard yet, so its normal. But creator id not coming in is a bit weird.

If this site is on a different hosting or has a different config, you may want to check with the hosting provider to see if calls from that site to the api are being prevented. It seems like its not able to contact the api.

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Same hosting and configuration as the other site, I’m afraid! No luck there.


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