Euros and Pounds vs. Minimum Pledge Access (e.g.

Many current integrations with Patreon (like allow access based on a minimum dollar amount to access higher tier content. This worked well up until alternate currencies were offered. It’s great that Patreon is offering alternate currencies, but the change from ‘$’ to ‘amount’ breaks the integrations since pledge amounts are lower in Euros and Pounds for the same Tier.

This means I have to artificially lower the minimum amount to allow patrons paying in Pounds and Euros to access the content their tier offers. That then means USD patrons can lower their pledges and get access to content they shouldn’t have.

This is not just a problem with, but also for determining the total amounts different patrons have contributed when calculating special treatment/recognition based on lifetime support.

Include a USD equivalent for integrations (and separate USD columns in the Patron CSV export) so access can be based on minimum USD even if the patron is paying in Pounds or Euros.

This would mean you can restore the 'Lifetime ' and 'Pledge ’ columns in the CSV export again which would fix our tools that used those column titles previously. :slight_smile:


I see what you mean @DeviantDev, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I will def bring this to the team. And thank you for providing a suggestion and extra bonuses :slight_smile:


Hey all,
I’ve just been stung by this exact issue (that was raised 22 days ago).
A new supporter could not access the content for their level because of this currency diff.
Likewise, I’m now having to “fudge” the required level to account for lowest currency ($ in my case).
Hoping this gets resolved quickly.

Hi reyna! Has there been any progress or updates on this issue?

Hey @DeviantDev, yes! @CodeBard responded to another forum thread regarding this issue, see his response here:

Thanks for following up!

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Has the currency situation with your integration been resolved?

It looks like the CSV export from the relationship manager is all in USD, which is great for my patron credits integration, but it looks like it hasn’t fixed the integration.

It’s hard for me to test directly, but last night I increased the $ amounts on itch to match the tiers on Patreon and I already see one patron increasing their pledge from €9.50 to €10. The only reason they would need to do that would be the integration.

There may be changes which must make on their side for the fix to work. That may be delaying resolution of the issue.