Exit Survey Improvements + Custom Message

I would love to see the name of the patron that left a message on the exit survey, because many times there are misunderstandings and i cannot answer.


I’ve too have been practicing with Bonjoro via Zapier for deleted patrons with some success.

I have the filter set up to only create a Bonjoro if they were a high paying or long contributing Patron, in which case I send them a little video via Bonjoro. It’s very easy to do and so far the feedback has been positive with some patrons saying they would return again in the future.

It’s impossible to measure, but I like to think that this personal touch expressing how valuable their support was and wishing them well is worth the minimal workload

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This thread has been added too many times for a very long time! My biggest issue now is that when members leave, we don’t know who it is. The problem being is that any rewards I need to stop sending its take a lot of searching, comparing to previous month’s patrons, to actually find out who it is. Because the exit surveys don’t always show straight away including the notification panel, it’s a BIG pain.
So ‘Please’ Patreon, simply add some code to give the name of the member leaving the exit survey, at least then I won’t be sending out rewards at my cost when they haven’t paid for it!

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I don’t see how this would benefit you. Not everyone who removes their pledges will answer exit surveys. You’ll still have to check and see who is and isn’t a patron regardless.

Do you use the ‘Benefit Tracker’ btw? It has some flaws, but might be what you need in keeping track of who still needs their rewards or not.

Thank you Sam, yes I do see what you mean. My problem is that I have given access permissions to my personal website for certain tier levels, so when I don’t know who has dropped off it’s tricky to revoke permissions. I know, it’s nothing to do with Patreon that part but it’s just a bit of a pain sometimes.

I haven’t used the benefit’s tracker but will look into this as well, I don’t often post out physical items as tier level benefit’s, more of the above mentioned.
Thank you for your reply, Paul :slight_smile:

Is there not any way to automate that? I’m not a programmer, but I know with things like Discord, you can set that up. Might be worth looking into for your website to save you some headache :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. That’s a good idea regarding Discord and my website which is WordPress based. There may be a plugin for this…I’m off for a search. Paul :slight_smile: