Exit Survey/Incorrect patron amount shown

Hi there.

I recently recognised that in Jan I had 12 patrons but in Feb its showing 11. I tried to see the exit surveys but none have carried out. I am new to this so wanted to see how it works. I haven’t been alerted that anyone has ‘left’.

I then saw that one of my patrons weren’t showing on my relationship manager side and thought that it was her who must have cancelled. But then I can see on the LENS that she is a paying patron and can see the material. So I am now confused.

Is it an error? Should I be notified or be able to see this info?

Thank you.


If you go to Patrons and then Patron Relationship Manager on the sidebar by default (for me anyway) it brings up all your active patrons. There are other categories that can be selected from a dropdown box up top (Declined, Former, and Followers). I suspect that the missing patron is under the declined box, when that happens your patron count drops until the patron fixes whatever the problem is. I have a quite a few declines but most have come back (changed credit cards etc,) You do not loose your email connection with them so you can still give them updates and even ask if anything is wrong. I would let Patreon do the official chasing for money.

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I’ve found it very effective to send them a polite email reminder if they are still ‘declined’ after the second attempt. It’s worked wonders for me.


Thank you both. I have seen that she is in the declined section. I now need to look into what happens etc. It is great that we can track all of this information. Jen

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The short answer is that Patreon will retry, but that will fail if the card has expired or there is some other thing which prevents the charge from going through. In that case, the Patron has to change their card details or contact the company who issued the card, then manually try again.

Thank you Michael. So I don’t need to do anything at this moment in time- phew. It’s someone who has supported me before Drip so I don’t think they would do it intentionally. I really appreciate your help here, still a newbie.

Jen x

I’d just drop them a polite note, via email, if you think it’s warranted. Otherwise it’s on them and/or Patreon. I believe retries are done at this point for this month, so the email might be the best option.

Thank you this is helpful. I will look into it. x