Export Patreon Comments Plug-In

Hello, community. This is a gift. I hope it is helpful. It is meant to be.
This extension was developed over Discord from an idea I had in sympathetic response to Amanda Palmer having to load 2000 patron’s comments on a post and read them (which took 12 hours). Here is an article about my experience of Patreon so far and how we collaborated to develop this.

Plugin at Chrome Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/export-patreon-comments/cbpcohjaihendbaaegnfobblodjodecg

Open-source code here:


Wowza! I don’t have use for the plug-in (yet!) but I am feeling so inspired by your thoughts in “Patreon So Far.” Really lovely and light shining for me. Thank you!


A pleasure Michael. I’m glad you found it so. The comments plugin is geared towards those patrons who have a lot of comments (say more than 20) on a post (not me yet) but also it can be useful for even low numbers of comments if you want to track them by say members to see who is commenting the most or keep a record of it offline in one place.

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