Facebook and Twitter Links Broken

Since the last update on Patreon, I have lost both links on my Patreon page to Facebook, and Twitter.
The only one that still shows on my Patreon page is my YouTube link.
When I try and link my FB or Twitter account again, I get this error:

“We couldn’t find any pages linked to your facebook account.”

My Twitter is already linked, and has the ‘Appear on your Patreon Page’ switch ON.
But, it doesn’t show up on my Patreon page anymore. I’ve tried re-linking it, and it says the same error as above.

What happened? Why are my social media links broken after the last update?

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Hi @Ghool, thanks for the post! For this kind of issue, please write into the Patreon support team so they can look into this with you in detail to see what happened. You can do that by visiting patreon.com/faq or clicking here. Thank you!