Facebook Group Integration or Community Interface

At this time I have to supplement Patreon with Facebook Groups. I have several groups depending on the project. Is there a way for me to finally leave Facebook for the purpose of community because Patreon does not this type of group function within their page. It is available here obviously but I would like to have this type of community interface for my members. Also, Patreon does not seem to offer poets and writers formatting options in their posts. It just comes up as a block text.

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  1. There’s another thread about community (The Community Tab on Our Patreon Pages) – Erin would love your thoughts on this too.
  2. We’ve seen a lot of creators using Facebook groups as a way to drive deeper community both with existing and potential patrons. There are some other tools (like our Discord integration as highlighted here: https://www.patreon.com/apps/featured) that would allow you to offer various levels of communication with your patrons.

As to post formatting, noted and sharing with the Product Manager.

I second this feature request. Being able to connect my FB group to Patreon would be really helpful, because I run everything through a FB group (not my personal FB profile or a FB page) of my most avid followers and would love help converting them into patreon members through FB group integration. I saw in the Patreon response something about 3rd party apps that could help, but which one specifically?