Facebook groups, etc

Has anyone here successfully formed a Facebook group (or some other community or chat) exclusively for patrons? I’m considering it as a way to foster more community and let patrons share cool things, chat, etc, in a more casual setting, but I can’t tell if the idea would go awry and not be worth it…Would love to hear any success stories or cautionary tales!

Closest thing I use is a Discord server, which has worked pretty well. Patreon even has direct Discord integration so Patrons automatically get added tot he server and get a role applied. Users can chat among each other or directly with me.

Generally some kind of community forum is a very good idea in any case, so I’d totally recommend making one if you’re considering it.

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I believe @dearestscooter has and may be able to offer some thoughts on how well it works for him. :slight_smile:

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Coming from the perspective of a musician, I want to drive people less towards a facebook group and more towards a facebook page, and encourage people to interact with me there. If I segment my fans, they don’t know where to go, and inevitably they’ll pick one, think it’s dead, and traffic will fall off, making the whole venture for naught. The discord option (as @Zedrin pointed out) is a good option for a chat room though and has been rather successful for me.

Also, this might be poor advice for someone that isn’t trying to build a fanbase, but if you’re looking to get people to give you real money for the kind of thing you do, I think (in this day and age at least) you kinda need to establish yourself as a page or personality or something.

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Oh he does?? lol I’ve been his patron for a long time and didn’t know!

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Thanks for the advice! I’m not particularly concerned about getting people on my FB page (my patrons are probably already on there; many actually discovered me first through interacting on my page since Patreon is usually a last step in the chain to so speak). But I’m glad to hear you had success with Discord. It is really nice that it’s integrated, i have to say!

Chrysanthe!!! I’m happy to talk more about facebook groups in detail, just email me dearestscooter at gmail

But here’s a few thoughts…

  • I don’t have one for Patrons but there is a sizable facebook group related to the podcast.

  • I too have been wondering what is the most effective, fun place to connect with Patrons.

  • A closed facebook group does seem like a real good place to start and to see how it goes. Lots of people use facebook so it is low barrier to entry and a good place to have fun friendly talk.

My main advice is to start with really clear rules. You can ask your community to help you vet and create them. Also allow the rules to be dynamic so you can revise them a few times a year.

Having a really clear and transparent policy about behavior while the group is small will really help people feel safe and comfortable and will also help manage things as the group grows.

Hope that helps but feel free to reach out for more, thanks for the support and thanks for being out there inspiring me!!!