Facebook Pixel?

Hi Reyna! I’m brand new to the forum. I’m a marketer by day (musician hoping to grow his patreon by night), and I’d love to be join the Alpha for FB Pixe if possible.

Like Austin, I can’t seem to find a way to send you a DM.

Hey @chriswethi, welcome to the forum! Please send me a DM and we’ll make it happen :slight_smile:

@UNIT9 send me a DM too!


Hey can you add me to the Fb pixel program? Is there any Google ads program too?

How can I send you a dm?

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Hi Reyna,

I would love to test out integrating facebook pixel to help grow my Patron support. Patreon said that I was not able to send you a DM. Please let me know how to get you my Pixel ID. thanks!

Hello Reyna,
I’d like to be included in the program to get the Facebook Pixel integration for my patreon page. I have just found this topic, freshly signed up to this forum and simply can’t find a way to send you a private message, so I hope you’ll read it here and get in touch about the Pixel.
Thank you, Veronika

EDIT: Ok, I think I worked it out - DM sent…

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I’d love to be included in the program as well! I have Facebook advertising set up and I’d love to measure how well it’s working.

Send me a DM @Sean_Tichenor!

Hi Reyna, possible to add us to the Facebook pixel alpha program?
Trying to figure out how to DM you but I don’t see how.

Hi @reyna! i dont know how to send you a DM through here. Im very interested about Facebook Pixel events and retargeting. Thanks.

Hi @reyna I am sending you on DM for two weeks now and I got no response.

@rami_khalil sorry your messages got lost in my inbox. Just responded to you though.

@Davale_Games @Tim_Robbins_Presents just DMed you both!

Hi all -

As of today, we are no longer adding creator Pixel ID’s to this beta program. We will make an announcement if we open this program back up in the future. Thank you for understanding!