FAQ about Groups?

I have searched far and wide for any information about the Groups here on the community and haven’t found much. I would love to see some more FAQ’s available about them. How do you make a group? Can only certain people make Groups? What are the internal functions available to creators and users of the groups? From what i see being a part of the Youtube Creators group (joined today to try to figure out what they were), it’s basically a Mailing List and less like stereotypical groups? You can @ the group in topics on the forums and messages everyone within the group, which is useful but there doesn’t seem to be any ability to post topics just to the group in its current form or anything like that. So I’m just curious to see more information about them available since I’m sure there are likely users here who don’t really fit into the 3 groups available at this time to check it out.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: