Faster Payout idea

First off, Patreon has done an incredible job on faster payment processing. It used to take days to do that; now sometimes (for me at least) I can get all of my payment processing to happen on the first of the month. Great work on that!

However, now the “automatic withdrawal” on the 5th seems like an artificial delay, and I depend on Patreon income to help with the bills, many of which would…er…like to be paid sooner than that. Obviously I would like to build up a buffer so that I’m not relying on something simple like a payout date but usually I just end up watching the payments process and hit the payout button when they all complete.

So here’s the question: Is there any reason this process couldn’t be “more” automatic? Patreon already automatically bills all my patrons, why can’t it just wait for all of the patron statuses to become not-Pending and then issue a payout then rather than waiting for an artificial date?

Or, could this be a beta feature? “[x] Pay as soon as processing completes [BETA]”

I’m intrigued, there is a payout button? I always just wait for the payment email to arrive, had no idea you can actively request it.

I click Settings, then Payout Preferences. The payout button is then in the upper-right.

To transfer my balance immediately each month I usually just click the red payout button on the payout preferences page on the 1st.
However, today my balance reads $0
Is that because something has changed?. I always have the ‘enable automatic monthly transfer’ box ticked.
Guess i will have to wait for the 5th now.
Any suggestions how to manage this from now on appreciated.
I just want to dump payments to my paypal via the one click method as usual.

You might be checking too early. Generally I don’t see funds appear in my account until after midnight Pacific time (which is currently an hour and some change away), and billing doesn’t finish until a couple hours later.

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thanks… will check tomorrow.