Favorite Things

Let’s share our favorite things!

I was inspired by MotionMarkus to ask creators these questions as a fun way to get to know our community and share a little bit of learning. After filling it out, tag someone you want to see fill it out. I’ll tag @LetyDoesStuff to kick things off!

:musical_note: These are some of your favorite things :musical_note:

  1. Favorite thing on your desk:
  2. Favorite video game:
  3. Favorite trick you learned that helps you with your creations:
  4. Favorite place for inspiration:
  5. Favorite software tool:
  6. Favorite thing you’ve made:
  7. Favorite account to follow on IG:
  8. Favorite creator on Patreon:
  9. Favorite thing in your headphones when working:
  10. Favorite memory that brings you joy:
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Favorite thing on your desk:
My favorite things on my desk are my toads! I started raising toads! I got a bunch of toadpoles a few months ago and made a little tank setup for them, and I got to watch their lifecycle as they transitioned from toadpoles to toadlings to toadlets and now, I’m the proud mother of about like… two dozen toads. Assuming none die or eat each other, nature’s pretty metal like that.

Favorite video game:
My favorite video game is Resident Evil 4! RE4 was my first video game growing up, cause we didn’t have a lot of money and when my neighbor gave me their used PS2, Resident Evil was the only disk it came with that worked. It was the only thing I played for like, two to three years of my life. When I beat it I just restarted and restarted and restarted… honestly, I can probably still recite all the dialogue from the game at the top of my head. (And yes, I’m aware the screencap is from the recent Resident Evil 2, I don’t have pics from when I was playing RE4 at 7.)

Favorite trick you learned that helps you with your creations:
My favorite trick that helps me with creations is just like, thinking about how cool it would be to be the first person to do something. Like for me, modeling is very powerful in that I can do whatever the heck I want, and no one can stop me. There didn’t exist a photoset of a serial killer murdering Detective Pikachu before, and now there is. Same with my Die Hard photoset where I cosplayed as a bloodied John McClane. I made that happen. BEHIND THE CAMERA, I AM GOD.

Favorite place for inspiration:
My favorite place for inspiration is the Aquarium of the Pacific. It’s honestly probably my favorite place on Earth, I go there all the time to play with the jellyfish and wind down from life.
Favorite software tool:
My favorite software tool are Photoshop actions. Like, thank god for the ability to program Photoshop actions. I would literally never get anything done if I couldn’t save my most complex editing tasks as automated macros, like figuring that out has been the biggest time saver of my life.

Favorite thing you’ve made:
My favorite photoset that I’ve made is probably my cosplay of Clara Oswald from Doctor Who. For starters, it’s probably the most accurate cosplay I’ve done cause I literally wore the same kind of clothes that the actress had on set-- bless BBC’s costume departments for sourcing affordable clothing from actual retail stores. And also cause she’s just my favorite character that I’ve cosplayed, and I’m so happy I got to pay homage to the companion as her time on the show came to an end.

Favorite account to follow on IG:
My favorite account to follow on Instagram is, well, honestly I’d rather not follow any if possible. They’ve been rather terribad to adult content creators, so I’m really just on there reluctantly.
Favorite creator on Patreon:
My favorite creator on Patreon is… am I allowed to do a plug? Cause it’s my friend Tracy Scops, who I looked up to for the longest time and now we’re making really cool hentai parody comics together. On the less shameless-self-promo side, my favorite creator is probably Kurzgesagt or Sci Show, which I know is two but it’s hard to pick you know? I’m a major consumer of like, science and STEM videos, so those are some of the creators I support the most.
Favorite thing in your headphones when working:
My favorite thing in my headphones when I’m working is… well, I don’t super have an answer to this one. I do a lot of video and audio editing for my YouTube, so when I work, it’s kinda in silence cause I need to hear what’s going on. When I’m editing photosets, I just have reruns of cartoons I’ve watched running in the background to kinda zone out to.
Favorite memory that keeps you going:
My favorite memory that keeps me going is… I don’t think I have one, actually. I have my least favorite memory that keeps going, which is remembering when I worked in my stuffy logistics job, being stuck in an office all day coordinating literal boxes of garbage around the world. Like talk about unrewarding work. Now I get to do what I love as my full-time job, and that’s honestly pretty killer.

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