Feature Request: Ability to Toggle Access to Previous Months Content

hello forum!

so some of us have been using patreon for quite some time and we have loads and LOADS of content already uploaded. a new patron can sign up today and see my posts back from when i first started in early 2017. but what if i had the option to hide my old content so that it remains exclusive to patrons who have been around since the beginning?

it’s not a good idea for all creators, of course, but i’m sure some of us would like to keep one or two things exclusive to when it was posted. that’s why it can be optional. it would be cool to even have a toggle for this option for different tiers. for example, i turn the toggle to “limited access to past content” so anyone who signs up for my lowest $2 per month tier can only see the current month and then onwards as i keep posting. if they try to scroll back to august and july, it’s blocked out. but i turn it to “unlimited access to past content” for the 10 tier and higher, so they can see everything that i've ever posted. an additional useful idea could be to even set the timeframe that patrons can see. 2 tier has access to the past 6 months. 5$ tier has access to past year of content, ect ect .

would anyone else be interested in this sort of feature? do you see any potential drawbacks?


Very yes. This option was available in a patreon competitor (now defunct) right from launch and it was amazing.

You could also allow tiers with limited access to pay a one time fee to unlock everything as well if they wanted to.

Having these options would be great. One of my patreon projects would be all over this.


OH i’m curious, i didn’t know there was a competitor to patreon besides ko-fi. do you mind sharing the name with me?

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Sorry, as i said, they are now defunct. While patreon has specific deals with paypal and stripe and such to do what they do, the competitor couldn’t get similar deals and stripe told the competitor they would no longer allow the use of their service. So they stopped running and the site is no longer available. (Sad because the competitor had a lot of features we’ve been asking for BUT, such is life i guess.)

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Why the secrecy about who this competitor was? Especially seen as they are now defunct anyway?

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Yes! That would be -amazing- especially by tier!


Because I can’t link to the site that no longer exists and the name alone will mean nothing to most of the people on here? XD

I don’t see why it matters if it’s not accessible anymore. It was called Swaggerdile. It was a small competitor run by folks I know and it was pretty rad. But again, the site no longer exists so the name pretty much means zip. XD

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Sorry I guess it’s just curiosity, and secrecy only makes me more curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for mentioning them anyway, I found a post mentioning them and they even published some source code. I think it’s nice that they tried to solve some of Patreon’s shortcomings by providing a better alternative. It’s too bad they had to stop their business.

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It really is. It was a great platform that I’m proud to have helped with. I still help with the parent site (for streaming),
Tigerdile.com , though they are pretty much only active now for folks already signed up and will keep it up as long as people stream but no new registrations are open. Just not enough people paying into it to keep it going
with the intention of growth. Very sad.

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bumping this thread because i’m still interested in this feature!


Was this ever made a feature? I would like to hide previous months’ posts & behind-the-scenes to new patrons as well as the lowest tier. I don’t think it is fair to patrons who have paid for let’s say 6 months of content having access to the same amount of content as a new patron. @reyna Do you know if this is being developed or if it is already a feature?