[Feature Request] Better filtering with tags

I post a significant amount of content, on the order of 60 to 70 posts per month. The content is spread across tiers and that makes it confusing/difficult for a new Patron to find the content to which they are entitled. The filtering system helps a bit, but there does not seem to be a way to select multiple filters.

This problem is exacerbated by the change from s to tier names, which confuses Patrons on the posts page (they invariable select the amount, but that only shows very old posts). I’ve added a note to try to direct them to the correct filter tag in my welcome message, but that doesn’t seem to be very effective.


  1. The ability to select multiple filters so a Patron could find their available content in a specific category (e.g. Bronze Patron, Story A; Silver Patron, Story B)
  2. A checkbox (or some other preference pane) which allows a Patron to limit the display to only content available to them, and then to use the filters/tags to limit what is displayed.
  3. A way to batch convert all of my old posts which are tagged by $ amount to the correct tier name (thus eliminating the confusing tags/filters). There are thousands of posts, so doing this manually is nigh-on-impossible.

This. It’s near impossible to go back through and change all the posts tagged by $ to the proper tiers

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Yes! An easier way to categorize, edit and filter would be extremely useful. A better search function for posts is also something that I get requests for from my Patrons.

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yes to all of this! i also have thousands of posts by now and managing/changing tags or tier for them is impossible without some kind of mass edit tool. the lack of a mass edit tool also means i cannot add new tiers that include posts i’ve made in the past, because it would take forever to edit every single post individually to include the new tier!

also a search function + being able to choose multiple tags/filters would be excellent! :ok_hand:

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