[Feature Request] Default All-Patrons Rewards

Hello everyone!

Patreon recommends to set your lowest tier to at least 2$, even showing that when configuring your tiers.
The thing is, even if I would like to display only tiers of 2$+, there are rewards that I would like to give to all patrons, even 1$, such as a “patron” role on discord.

Like having the ability to create posts to “all patrons”, I suggest being able to set up default “all patrons” rewards. This will not show up like a regular tier on the page, but rather just notify the patron when becoming a patron, or maybe as a small block above the tiers mentioning it (like in this crud example):

I would love to hear other feedback on this. Do you think it’s a good/bad idea? Something you’d like to add?


I would use this!

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That is an idea worth A/B testing!

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Thank you! I’m glad you think so! :slight_smile: