[Feature Request] Duplicate Tier

I feel like this is self explanatory but I’ll try explain why I would like this.

Since “Benefits” have arrived (which is a lovely feature!) any time you want to make a new tier, you need to re-add the benefits of all your lower tiers to this new tier. It would be awesome if it was possible to just duplicate one of your tiers to make a new tier and just do the little tweaks of adding that tier’s benefits, changing the pledge amount, changing the description, etc.


I think it’d be better if higher tiers just inherited the lower tier perks.

LIke if you have 10 dollar get a discord rank and 5 dollar get discord rank. in the 10 dollar tier you shouldn’t have to duplicate everything as part of previous ones like you do now. it’d auto inherit lower tiers automatically and you just put what’s added by the higher tier. This is how most systems work.

We shouldn’t need to duplicate benefits in every tier.

I disagree for this as some creators might have tiers that don’t inherit from lower tiers and it would be bad to force this.

Perhaps the option to be nice, a check box or drop down to copy from x tier of your choice. Would be a nice medium since not all patreon projects run with people inheriting the lower tier perks or not all tiers do. That’s one of the reasons tiers can be
selected separate from one another when posting as well.

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