[Feature Request] Email Notification on Cancel

Would love to be notified by email when a Patreon cancels their membership. Maybe even a summery email each month of those that were declined or canceled.


Especially if it could include the reason their reason for leaving. It is a bugger to have to try to piece together the exit summary with Patrons who leave.


Yes! Some of us have been asking for this for a while! We get an email when someone joins or edits their pledge, but no email when someone leaves. We have a thank you page on our website for all the patrons above a certain level and it’s hard to chase down each week who has dropped out and needs to be removed from the page. I don’t know why we don’t get an email for this so that we can keep track of things more easily.


YES. This is a really needed improvement. Great suggestion. It would be great. I also have a huge thank you page and I mention patrons on my podcast. If I should stop it would be nice to know which person to remove.


What, you want to make me feel even more depressed about my lackluster Patreon experience than I already am?

Fyi, I seem to recall that when I first started as a creator here, that I would get emails when a Patron declined or cancelled. Talk about ruining my day, lol … but then for some reason that stopped and I had to actually open my creator page to see any declines. Having gone through both ways, I must say — I like the current way best. Yes it’s a shock to lose a Patron, but it’s better for me if I’m somewhat prepared for it through my volition in opening my page. Just my take. So …

If Patreon does go back to emailing declines, PLEASE make it an optional feature! And btw, I LOVE getting emails announcing an new Patron or an increased pledge, so don’t ever stop those :wink:

Also fyi - for those who ask for the email to contain the Patron’s reason for declining — we already have that info. It’s one of the tabs on the Patrons menu of our page; it’s called Exit Interviews or something like that. I’ve found that most people won’t provide a reason, or if they do it’s “financial situation changed.”


For those of us with pay upfront this could FLOOD our emails. I think it’d be something we’d want to toggle to the tier. Knowing we lost a $20 or $50 dollar patron is more important over all than the lower tiers who fluctuate constantly and have much higher numbers.


As someone who has a patrons-only Facebook group, this would be HUGELY helpful in knowing who to remove


I’ve got a Zapier zap set up to do this, but it would be nice to have it available “natively”.

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Hi @cwilson, welcome to the forum! Thanks for making this request. I believe the reason we currently don’t do this is is similar to what @jan4insight_creates mentions - it can be disheartening to see patrons leave. However, we have heard from creators that you want to know this info and can handle it, after all, it’s your business!

As @TeamNimbus, we would have to build out more complicated functionality for this as some creators would not want to get so many emails. I will pass on this request to the product team for them to discuss as they constantly evaluate what features to build next.


Completely agree, have been asking for this feature for 3 years now.

For me it’s two fold. On one hand I want to send the person a message and say thanks for their support and wish them well and on the second hand, I would like to know when they unsubscribe so I can revoke their access to the files they download as we no longer store them on patreon. It became too hard after years and gigabytes of files to conveniently navigate them and the posts on patreon itself so we had to turn to a 3rd part hosting solution for patreons to log into.

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Another vote for this from me.

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