Feature Request: Embedded videos within Posts / Creator Page

This is one of the many features that I’m stunned has still not been added to Patreon (and it’s been over a year since I started my account).

I am a video game developer, and the most time-consuming aspect of my Patreon workflow is spent converting videos to .GIF’s, because the only video that Patreon allow is (still!) the video at the top of the post.

Which means, when I’m trying to explain something to my patrons, the only way I can show them what I’m talking about is with a crappy .GIF, which is typically much larger than the original .MP4 video file.

What would be perfect (IMHO), would be to support the embedding of YouTube videos at ANY point in a post, and in ANY post type.

I’d actually prefer not to have to upload to YouTube separately, and have the MP4 files stored in the Patron post itself, but I appreciate this would take lots of bandwidth, etc. So, small steps! :wink:

Likewise, having this option in your Creator Page (to showcase your work) is important.

Surely, this is pretty standard stuff, for many content creators.


A lot of thoughtful feedback today, @Liquidream! I just want to assure you we hear all of your concerns and appreciate your suggestions. :slight_smile:


No probs, thx for listening! :slight_smile:

(Sorry for dropping them all at once - these niggles have been bugging me for a while now and only just found this area of the forum! :innocent:)


(Seeing as I don’t appear to be able to edit the Post any more…)

I now realise/remember that the Creator Page editor is way more advanced, and actually already has a couple these features…

…so perhaps if “Code” formatting and “Embed Video” could be borrowed from here? :thinking:

#ImSureItsNotThatSimple #ButOneCanDream

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