Feature - Request Expandable Message Box Input Area


I was hoping we could have the message input box (where you type replies to your Patrons) to be able to expand by clicking and dragging in the corner.

It can become very difficult to see and correct mistakes while typing because the type box cannot be manipulated to a larger size and scrolls way too fast…

Thank you,


You should be happy you can type anything into that box at all, it used to be super tiny!

Just because it used to suck more doesn’t mean it isn’t still hard to use now and can be improved xD

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What about comment boxes though? The message boxes are fine at the moment, but actual comment boxes are terrible for replying to people on posts and whatnot.

After about three lines of text, my box doesn’t actually scroll down anymore, and I have to manually scroll the box to make sure I didn’t type something wrong.

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