[Feature Request] Follower-Only Posts

I have 530 non-patron followers, it would be amazing if I could create posts that are only visible to them. These are people clearly interested in my stuff (to some degree), being able to target them seems useful.

I can achieve the same effect now by blasting everyone with a public post, but that means I either have to annoy my existing patrons with “Sign up!” call to action that doesn’t apply to them, or I have to be less targeted in my messaging so it’s less of a call to action. Targeted = win.

I see it like selectable tiers, but with options for all non-Patrons (people who stumble on the stuff in the feed), or only non-Patron followers.

Unlike Patron-only posts, nothing blurred out should be visible to Patrons (since that would create a perverse incentive to stop being a Patron so they can see it).


I very much second this! This would be great!


I third this! I don’t have nearly this many followers, but it’s a terrific idea!!


I fourth this. How do I see how many followers I have?


I’m not sure if there is a quicker way off the top of my head but you can go to Patrons, Relationship Manager, and change the second field to Followers.


Great suggestion, thanks @michaelprescott! We do hear that creators feel like they don’t know how to reach their followers or even if they are successfully converting them to patrons. I will share this with our product team.

Happy first post, @stuartconover, and welcome to the forum! So glad you could join :slight_smile:


Any followup on this? I came here today specifically to request follower-only posts.


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My guess is it’s on a big, giant list somewhere, of a thousand things they would like to do some year. :slight_smile: