Feature Request: Improve the "Insert Link" feature

Currently, the ability to insert hyperlinks into posts if quite problematic - for a few reasons…

1. The default text for the URL is still encouraging creators to use insecure, outdated “HTTP” protocol.

This is potentially a security risk - should be “HTTPS://” (if anything).

2. The default text does not go away when pasting a URL (breaking the link)

The UI is frustrating because, while you provide a default prefix “HTTP://” to get people started, I would argue that most people will copy & paste a URL here, rather than enter it manually. When they do so, the cursor position is at the end (rather than the default text being selected, so it can be replaced). This can result in a broken URL being entered (has annoying happened to me on multiple occasions):

In my opinion, it would be better if the current default text should instead be a “hint text”, which is only displayed until something is typed/pasted (and also fixed to be “HTTPS://”, as per above)

3. BUG when pasting URL too quickly?

It seems (at least on my computer) that there’s a bug when you try pasting the URL quickly after the dialog appears - where it’ll reset the text box to the default text again? (see below for replication)

Happens whether using the button to insert link or CTRL+K shortcut.
Waiting a couple of seconds before pasting the URL in the popup seems to work, but TBH, this shouldn’t be necessary.


They actually did try to fix this and make it https and dissapear when you go to post in it and it quickly broke a lot of things. So they rolled it back and I havent seen a new attempt since. (But then the world got a little crazy so I’d assume theyve got limited people and working on only top priority stuff atm or its slower as more folks are working remotelt.)

Hopefully they will attempt to update this again in the near future.

In the meantime, I click the input field, Ctrl + A to select the http and then ctrl + V to paste my link and while it’s an extra step, does not seem to produce issues for me in firefox or chrome at this time.


Fwiw, #3 happens to me all the time. It would be awesome if there were a fix for this, albeit fairly minor, frustration.


OMG that http insert drives me crazy! I wish the box was empty. The pre-insert has caused me so many headaches!!!


Oh yes, I do so wish that box was empty!


I have the same issue! I use the feature a lot, and I lose considerable time and brain power in coming back to erase the default http:// - even if it’s just a few seconds, it’s annoying. I’ve also had several times the issue of broken links because I just copy paste without verifying.


Add one, if possible, please insert https:// links, this is a friendly connection form for search engines such as Google.

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I very much agree to this improvement!