Feature Request: Increase the height of the post editor

The post editor height is only suitable for creating small, simple posts - due to the fixed height of the editor window (400px). Trying to write anything substantial for patrons is quite difficult, coz you’re constantly scrolling up/down to review your work.

Suggestion: Make the post editor “max height” much larger or (ideally) auto-sized.

This was such an issue for me that I ended up creating my first Tamper/Greasemonkey script, to override the default CSS, and allow the editor window to auto-size, based on it’s contents.

(TBH, This is another one that surprised me hasn’t been fixed by now…)


I see what you mean! Thank you for calling this out too, @Liquidream. We’re taking note of your feedback. : )


I realize I’m replying kind of late, but this is 90% of the reason I don’t post on my Patreon page more often. It’s like trying to write a letter on a postage stamp. I realize that Patreon posts can’t use a full-featured CMS, but just a bigger (especially taller) edit box would really help!