Feature Request: Let Creators Choose Which Three Tiers Appear On Landing Pages

I mentioned this idea in another thread, but the more I thought about it afterwards the more I figured I should go ahead and make it a formal suggestion.

It regards the experiments with the creator landing pages.

I get that Patreon has found three tiers to be the sweet spot. I imagine that is why they have offered landing pages with only three tiers easily visible.

But I’ve read creator’s complaints that their “more profitable” tiers aren’t being shown.

Why not set it up so that creators can choose for themselves which three tiers get the love on the landing page, instead of just showing their lowest three by default?

Let the creators decide which three of their tiers appear on the landing page, make the “show me more” button easy to notice, and trust them to figure out which ones work best for their prospective audience.


Seconding this as something I’d like to be an option if/when the new landing pages launch! I’m happy to be in the “sweet spot” of showing 3 tiers (or 6 or whatever) but the ability to choose which ones show up would be incredible!


Love this idea for us to consider. Curious to hear what you would pick as your 3 featured tiers.


For me personally, I’d pick 5, 10, and 20 dollar tiers and change the verbiage of the “Show More” to “Show All”.

Those three tiers for me all have additional monthly exclusive content, and are the bulk of where my pledge scaling happens. My $3 tier is the base and it still gets bonus stuff and “general” access to releases, but I feel like many people choose it simply because it’s the lowest tier. Much like the data that shows that there’s little difference between a $1 and $2 starting tier, I think my following is enthusiastic and eager enough that my floor could actually be $5 but I’m not comfortable making that move. By featuring three tiers and then having those deeper options be the ones tucked away, I think my results would be really exciting!

And I’ve honestly considered cutting down to three tiers but that’s a very scary shift. Featuring three tiers allows me to give people more options, while also really honing in on what I feel is my core. I would go from feeling iffy about the current state of viewing tiers to having a little more control about my presentation and the way I sell in those first moment a non-patron is viewing my page.


Or being able to choose the tier that is most popular or the tier that you think gives your patrons the most bang for their buck would be neat (or both?) Something that could show high lights to them:

  • most popular
  • most rewards
  • best starter etc

ooo yes! I love the idea of highlighting tiers for different reasons! I would absolutely do that as a creator and be more likely to select a certain one as a patron too!


That is a good edit to test!


Yes, that would be great, too!


I definitely agree with the ideas here. Let us pick which 3 tiers if they are going to insist on only showing 3, change the wording to “Show All” and make the “Show All” much more noticeable!!


Please! This or just default have them all expanded and the “show less” button.

Right now I have a “dead tier” (had to redo my $1 tier for reasons so my old $1 is still up there for my old $1 pledges) that is taking up room on my landing page and it just looks so ugly…


Oof! I’m sorry to read that!

I have a ‘dead’ tier as well. If I could automatically move them to the new tier (which has more benefits for a $1 less a month after restructuring) I’d do it. But I can’t, and it still shows up in the new display.


Yeah i’ve been getting a lot of $5 pledges and someone said they didn’t even know I had more because of the layout

Please, patreon, help us :face_with_head_bandage:


Hey folks, thanks for all the very helpful feedback about these landing pages.

We’re always iterating to improve these pages and you can see our latest designs here:

Please take a look and leave feedback on these new versions to ensure we hear as much from creators as possible while we’re still designing. Thank you so much!

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Thank you, @mindy!

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I guess this request is going to be archived since the comment before this one was over a year ago. I hope @synnesai and @Michael_Loucks get a solution to their issues eventually.